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Braided Lace Knit Driver


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Product Tech Specs


Allows for ventilation and promotes dryness, employing a breathable fabric designed specifically to transmit sweat and moisture from the inside to the outside.


The outer-sole’s specially designed and fabricated treads provide better grip and safer mobility, allowing wearers to step safely, free from the risk of slips or falls.


To ensure optimal comfort and wearability, the shoe is outfitted with an ultra-light outsole that adapts to the contours of both the foot and the ground.


Fabricated with a specially designed, extra-lightweight material with the aim of ensuring maximum comfort and wearability across every step and stride.

Bloom Algae

Our Bloom algae footbed is created from algae that has been removed from waterways and repurposed to cut down on product waste.

Crafted with a soft wool knit upper, shoe lace & molded aglet, our newest driver features a new rubber outsole for traction, comfort, and durability. Made with a fully engineered wool knit upper, this driver has our softest knit yet. It features a sporty lace with a molded silicone aglet and utilizes a Bloom algae insole with a cooling top cloth for comfort and sustainability. One pair of insoles helps clean 10.6L of water, 10.9 cubic meters of air, and captures 8 grams of carbon dioxide.
  • Materials: Wool Knit Upper, Neoprene Lining, Algae Insole / Outsole: 100% Rubber
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