Onda Swim Shorts in Sapphire Coral Print for Mens | SWIMS | SWIMS

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Onda Swim Short 6 ½"

Sapphire Corallo

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4-way stretch


Fast drying

Product Tech Specs

4-way stretch

A specialized, four-way stretch fabric designed for ease of movement without restricting other functions of the garment; durable and responsive to all motions.


Fabricated with materials that can be laundered in washing machines at temperatures up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fast drying

Enhanced with materials that are specifically designed for fast and easy drying, to increase comfort and wearability.


Fabricated with a specially designed, extra-lightweight material with the aim of ensuring maximum comfort and wearability across every step and stride.


Our Corallo Swim Short is here to make a statement. Not only does it come with fashionable trims like a signature drawcord with contrasting logo tips, it also features an eye-catching graphic coral print. The classic fit includes an elastic waistband, 4-way mechanical stretch, a 6 1/2" inseam, and quick drying fabric.

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