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What else to reinvent? How about your daily commute?

We'd had it with the everyday frustration of commuting in the city, so we decided to take matters into our own hands with a fleet of Formula 1 sports cars—and a slew of SWIMS style essentials, naturally.

Motion is more than a catchy name for our collection—for a glorious moment last October, it was a new and eye-catching way for New Yorkers and Londoners to get around their cities. Meet SWIMSPOOL: the world’s first fleet of Formula 1 ride shares.

That’s right, we reinvented the taxi, offering lucky Twitterati and influencers the chance to commute via a show-stopping, SWIMS-Orange Lamborghini stocked full of our FW18 must-haves. A strong move, certainly, but just like the staid loafer or the forgettable galosh, the rideshare industry had become something plain and predictable. Begging for reinvention, in other words—and we were only too happy to step up and step on it to elegantly sweep commute woes away.

A clever ride to work, sure, but also a harbinger of SWIMS takeovers to come. Either way, it caught the imagination of the style-hawks prowling the streets of two bustling global capitals. We count that as a solid win. It caught more than a few eyes, too, generating nearly 100K social-media impressions and coverage spanning Adweek, Esquire, Mr Magazine, and dozens of others over 200+ miles driven. Check out #SWIMSPOOL for some seriously iconic photos and commentary.

Kevin Benejam


When your orange bottoms match your orange Formula 1 car. The navy suede and orange got me like 🔥. Thanks to SWIMS I got to ride in a Lamborghini in celebration of launching their ride share service.

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